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Contact Guidelines

*Subject To Change*

Civility Above All Else!


If you're interested in a work-for-work trade with me – this may be applied to anyone, but I'm keeping things simple – then we both need to understand each other's skill sets. My particular skill sets are centered around writing fiction, non-fiction (roughly speaking), scripts, or poetry. On the side of me working for you, I'll need to know what YOU WANT me to write. If it's a script or something fictional that relates to your work, I'll need details about characters, setting, etc.; if you're fine with only giving me minimal information to work with, having faith in allowing me to run with it how I see it, then be sure to say so. This will help me write something that doesn't stray too far from what is Explicitly yours. If you're a writer working for me, after or before I work for you, I will need to provide this same information, or I will need to also mention that I am fine with allowing you to work how you see my work. If you're an artist, before or after I work for you, I will need to provide you with the necessary details for a cover, illustration, design, musical concept, etc. that will best fit my needs. Also, it need be understood that there are certain things I will not write about, especially if it is illegal, and depending on your pitch, I will express what I am willing or not willing to write for you. On the rare occasion that a non-fictional piece is needed, it is to be known that you are asking for my voice and opinion; I will not write anything related to current events, nor will I write anything that is meant to bring explicit harm to someone. For this specific trade, a bit of a collaborative effort needs to be established, as well as a respect towards each others' skill sets. Creativity is the primary goal of this site. News, commentary, or – if I can help it – propaganda are not going to be welcomed too kindly here.


Promotion can either be offered in exchange for work, or in exchange for promotion. In essence, instead of doing work for me when I do work for you, you can provide space, time, or quick-work that only means to promote my work in a quick, short fashion. Same could be said in a vice-versa situation: instead of doing work for you when you do work for me, I'll provide promotion. There will also be times when neither one of us wants to do work for the other. I can still provide promotion as long as you, as well, provide promotion. This element of trade can include a simple advertisement to a complex campaign that involves prizes or coupon deals. Whether its traded for work or promotion, this is to the discretion of the deal. As stated in the Work guideline, I will not promote anything illegal. If it is something I find offensive, I will still promote it, but I will discuss to you the appropriate measure I can take in making my opinion known, in regards to what I am promoting. Of course, information will be needed in order for either of us to promote one another (names, links, work, etc.).


When contacting me for the Classified service, it should be clear that this is not a promotion. An example of your work may be needed, but this service is mainly used to help writers and artists find each other, if they want to make a trade that may or may not involve this site. In order for me to post a Classified ad for you, I will need a Name (pseudonyms are fine, provided they are found consistently in your contacts, sites, etc.), Contact Information (mainly e-mails or handles to other means of contacting you; I will not post any phone numbers or addresses because I will delete any message, sent to me, that displays information like this), Web-Site (if the means of contacting you are preferred to be made from your site then the Contact Information isn't needed for the ad; information regarding where to see your services or work is still needed, thus a web-site of sorts is needed), and I will especially need the Job/Collaboration you are asking for (basically, if your looking for an artist to do a cover for you, this needs to be provided, along with any other information of what you are looking for). This can be anything from a call for commissions to a need for a script. You will also need to express what you mean to trade: work, promotion, cash, etc. (within reason).


If there are any questions or comments regarding anything that is mentioned here or on The Contract page, please E-mail me those questions at I will make changes if I feel they must be included.

Thank You!


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