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The Contract


Welcome to Dollar Lousy. I hope the The Mission To Create wasn't too much of a hard pill to swallow. This page, here, will run down some of the basic food groups, so to speak, of how this site will be managed. Since it's running on Blogger, and since I don't have the money or patience – yet – to run the site on anything else, things are going to be quite limited to what I can manage and deem legitimate to post on this site. Just be glad Blogger is Google's low-priority site, so I doubt they'll give a stink about little ole me and my Free Speech values. Besides, art and literature is, in my opinion, the ultimate form of Free Speech because work will be made one way or another.

Anyway, here's the rundown on how this tiny snowball is going to roll:

  1. Trade is the main goal of this site. This means that I want to trade my work for your work, or promotional space for promotional space, etc., and I'd like to see the same done for other artists. It also means that most promotions on here will be a result of a trade I've made, mainly. Simply speaking, this is a Pay-It-Forward approach that will help me and other artists gain some networking chops. If you want to be involved in a trade like this with me, or would like to “advertise” a trade that doesn't involve me, make sure to Contact me:
  2. The second goal is to advertise my own work. Since it is my site, my self-promotions may be more self-evidently prevalent than the promotion of others. I expect any other site to take advantage of their privilege, so please don't throw a stink if you happen to see my work on display in all the corners of this site. This may or may not be tied to the trading goal that is primary to this site. There will be times I'll share artists, writers, etc. at my own volition, but that will be exclusively on my personal blog site.
  3. The third goal is to post Classifieds of artists, writers, etc. who are looking to work, collaborate, or commission other artists, writers, etc. This is the one goal that is 100% not tied to the primary goal of trade: I'm offering this service for Free, provided I get an e-mail asking me to post the Classified you want to have displayed. I will vet the information you provide as best I can, and the information better be findable and legitimate. Otherwise, I will not consider it.
So, this is what this site is all about. I will pay as close attention to the Comments as well, but I would strongly advise against making any trading deals through those means. In any sense, I expect all trading to be done in good-faith, with both respect and honor, and I expect this of myself, too. Above all, I want us all to have fun and work hard to eventually create a market for Creativity!

- Mike Whitacre, E-mail:


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